can a wood deck be attached to an existing concrete porch Ledger Board Attachment to a Solid Concrete Foundation Wall

Step by step instructions on how to install a deck ledger board to a concrete house foundation wall using expansion anchors. Register Log in Close Free Designer Free Plans Pictures .【Get Price】

Deck Can Be Built Over Concrete Patio Using Frame Base - tribunedigital-chicagotribune

chiseling off high spots in the concrete. Short lengths of wood can be used to make up sleeper strips, if necessary, as long as the final strip has a surface level with the other sleepers. A line level (a string with a small level attached) and other guide strings .【Get Price】

Queston can Deck posts be attached to existing concrete slab? - Community Forums

In building our 22' W X 10' D X 8' H free standing deck, one end of the deck will be over an existing concrete slab on ground which serves as an entrance-walkway to basement .【Get Price】

Covering An Existing Concrete Porch With Wood Part 1

The big picture goal here is that Ill be covering my existing concrete front porch with wood so that I can stain it and it will look like a traditional wood front porch. But you cant just put wood porch/deck boards directly onto concrete. First, .【Get Price】

can you add a deck to existing concrete porch

Replacing the concrete deck with wood could have been done in one of two ways: completely demolish the concrete porch and build a 100% wooden one in its .【Get Price】

Adding A Deck To Existing Concrete Porch - Carpentry - DIY Chatroom Home Improvement Forum

i've attached a *rough* image of what i want it to look like. the person is standing on the concrete porch. the door would be behind him. I have estimated the porch as 3'x3' and the attached deck as 3'x5'. The support posts are 9 feet tall and 4x4. the deck portion .【Get Price】

How to Build a 2x4 Deck Rail on a Concrete Patio - Part 3

How to Build a 2×4 Deck Rail on a Concrete Patio After setting the 4×4 posts on the concrete anchor rods, . I pre-drilled the screw holes with a slightly smaller diameter bit than the screw to prevent the deck rail wood from splitting. How to Build a Deck Rail .【Get Price】