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Attic, ceiling, acoustic panels, foam board insulation & batt insulation are just a few types of insulation you can shop for at The. .【Get Price】

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cathedral ceiling insulation with rigid foam (post #207357) tgmuller on Sat, 01/19/2013 - 17:00 in Construction Techniques I'm going to finish my bonus room above the garage of my cape cod. I'm trying to determine the most cost effective way of insulating the .【Get Price】

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Rigid foam insulation offers a thermal resistance between R-5 and R-8, roughly twice that offered by traditional batt insulation. Install these panels over wall or ceiling cavities, including those filled with existing fiberglass batts, to boost the R-value and improve home .【Get Price】

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Rigid foam is an effective way to insulate a ceiling with exposed rafters and a finished tongue-and-groove ceiling Find Local Contractor Call: .【Get Price】

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In Between Joists Measure the space between the ceiling joists. Transfer those measurements to the rigid foam insulation. Mark the measurements. Use a utility knife to cut the insulation along the marked lines so that it will fit the space between the joists. Place .【Get Price】

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About the only time you are likely to add rigid insulation to a ceiling is in a retrofit of a cathedral ceiling. Regular ceilings are likely to be under attics with either batt insulation between the joist bays or, in some cases, rigid insulation between the rafters. Rigid boards .【Get Price】

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The ceiling is drywall and most contractors I've talked to are reasonably sure that there is already fiberglass insulation up there. And I'd hate to have to rip out the drywall. My question is, would putting up rigid foam insulation be a good idea?【Get Price】

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Rigid foam board, commonly called blueboard or beadboard, is commonly used as ceiling insulation. It's easy to install in a difficult, over-the-head manner, moisture and rot resistant and provides a higher R-value rating, inch for inch, than either fiberglass or cellulose.【Get Price】

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In This Article: Rigid foam insulation is fastened to an angled ceiling and held in place with 1x3 furring strips. Related Articles: Index of Interior Finish Articles Installing Rigid Foam Insulation On The Outside Wall Before New Siding Installing Fiberglass Insulation In A .【Get Price】

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Install rigid insulation board in multiple layers with joints offset vertically and horizontally between adjacent layers. . Install cavity insulation (netted fibrous insulation, batt insulation, spray foam insulation) to achieve desired total assembly R-value. See .【Get Price】

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Is Rigid Foam Insulation or Extruded Polystyrene right for your basement insulation? How do you install it? Come see how I did it and why. .【Get Price】

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Spray foam and rigid foam insulation can be used, but batts are less expensive and easier to handle in confined spaces. If there are any electrical outlets .【Get Price】

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The Walls & Ceiling There are two really good main options here: use rigid foam board again, or go with closed-cell spray foam. There are other options as wellI've seen people use denim or fiberglass insulation for instancebut the best bang for your buck is going .【Get Price】

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Seal Attic living space Seal Hardboard Cathedral ceiling insulation techniques Cathedral ceilings must provide space between the roof deck and ceiling for adequate insulation and ventilation. Cathedral ceilings built with 2x12 rafters have space for standard R-30 batts .【Get Price】

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Ideally we'd strip the siding, add rigid foam and re-side, but we're just not going there. For the walls we're leaning toward a 'flash+pack' approach, .【Get Price】


truss chords, not exposed ceiling drywall or insulation. In addition, watch out for sharp nails sticking through the . rigid foam board sealed with spray foam also works well for covering open joist cavities). Again, cover with insulation when youre done. If You .【Get Price】

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I'm treating my exterior rigid foam insulation as my primary air-barrier, with taped OSB sheathing, taped foam, etc. . is it wise to use 1.5" pink foam board insulation sheets against drywall on an old lath exterior porch ceiling with loose fill insulation and a heated .【Get Price】

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A brief snippet of how and why I used rigid foam insulation for some areas of the Tiny house.【Get Price】