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If it helps I layed a deck in March this year. I used 5mm spacing between boards. I'd now say the spacing is about 10-11mm. A bit too much for my liking. A bit late to worry about it now though. I was hoping they might go back a bit, does anyone think they , #7 .【Get Price】

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Deck boards should be surface dry and laid with no less than a 6mm gap between boards (this allows for seasonal shrinkage or swelling). .【Get Price】

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If the wood is allowed to dry prior to installation, a small gap may be used between boards. I plan to use 5/4 decking. . decay by fungi and moisture that can cause damage to the wood. Treated wood provides users a longer lasting product by extending the .【Get Price】

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The guy I worked for would run deck boards tight claiming that after time they are all going to shrink up and have gaps, . Treated decks we run tight because the lumber is very wet. They shrink so much, that when they do dry out the gaps are 1/4 to 3/8 in. John .【Get Price】

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Hi guys, just wondering what the max joint spacing i could get away with for just plain 90x22 treated pine decking. I am just building a small deck about 300mm off the ground out .【Get Price】

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If I am using pressure treated decking boards do I gap them or not? One person said 1/8" gap and another said put them in tight as you can get them because pressure treated wood shrinks when it dries out. Which 1 of them is right .【Get Price】

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Do I need to leave a gap between the boards in my deck? Yes, a gap between the boards allows for drainage of surface water and airflow around and beneath the boards. .【Get Price】

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The size and species of the decking you choose will determine the spacing between your joists. Recommended spacing for common decking boards is as follows: Decking Joist Spacing 5/4x6 P/T Southern pine 16" maximum .【Get Price】

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What Size Gap Should I Use Between My Decking? Last updated on December 26, 2017 By Shannon Rogers 13 Comments Ever have a customer tell you the following when beginning a deck installation? I want no gap between the boards or, .【Get Price】