how long does it take to stain a 14 sq ft

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The average time it takes to stain a deck is between 3-5 hours and 20 hours per 500 square feet. . Choose your stain carefully, because you want it to last a long time. If you want to take the time and put in the elbow grease to stain a deck though, it could .【Get Price】

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Trim Jobs I go sq. ft. and only sq. ft. as a basic starting price -hang and case doors, case windows, handrail, skirts, . Pricing Trim Jobs cblock- and how does trim calculate out to square footage? I've never understood that one. The larger the house .【Get Price】

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Staining a Deck Cost How Much Does Staining a Deck Cost? Do-it-yourself: $20-$250 Basic Pro Clean-and-Stain: $160-$800+ for 16'x20' .【Get Price】


For natural (no stain) jobs over 2,000 sq ft and under 5,000 sq ft, it would take us 2-3 days to get the floor sanded, sealed and one coat of oil based poly applied. .【Get Price】

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How Much Paint or Stain do I need? Determining the right amount of Paint or Stain for your project is important. In general it is less expensive to buy a gallon than 2 quarts, so it's better to have enough. Also, a little leftover paint is always good to label and have handy .【Get Price】

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How long will it take to refinish about 800 square feet of hardwood floor? The house we bought had carpet from the 70's installed over hardwood floors. .【Get Price】

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This is cheaper than the national average which is about $2.00 per sq. on the floor and $7.00 per linear ft give or take a little, making it about $725. .【Get Price】

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150 sq. ft. per quart Coats: normally 2. Additional coats may be applied for richer colour Recommended Uses: furniture, woodwork, doors, floors, cabinets, accessories. FAQ Q. How long should Minwax .【Get Price】

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Jones, Carlye. "How to Estimate Wood Fence Stain" accessed May 09, 2018. Copy Citation Note: .【Get Price】

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Does not include scraping or removal of existing finish. 134 square feet $39.24 $107.22 Unused Minimum Labor Balance of 2 hr(s) minimum labor charge that can be applied to other tasks. Totals - Cost To Stain Deck Average Cost per Square Foot .【Get Price】

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Approx, How long should it take to stain a 250 sq ft fence? Update: It is a (new) fence, Never been stained before. Thank You. Follow 2 answers 2 Report Abuse .【Get Price】

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How much should I charge per sq. ft. to trim a 6500 + sq. ft. custom house with 7 1/2 inch crown downstairs, 5 1/2 inch upstairs, hang doors, run casing and base? I'm a master carpenter, not a master estimator. .【Get Price】

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How much to stain the exterior of a cedar ranch house? Our ranch house is 2200 sq ft and the siding is in good condition. We just had a handy man replace a rotted board and do caulking to seal cracks etc all around the house. The house is stained and the .【Get Price】

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How To Apply TWP 1500 Stain TWP 1500 Stain First, measure your wood surface to determine the square footage. . How should I address this? Should I sand, and reapply the stain? How long does the gallon last when stored? Reply November 6, 2016 2:18 .【Get Price】

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How many sq/ft can a man working alone be able to install in 8 hours? I have 460 sq/ft of 3/4" hardwood to install and it seems like it's taking forever. I have 12 hours into the job .【Get Price】

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Sikkens Cetol SRD (Siding Railings Deck) is a high solid 1 coat wood and decking stain. The SRD offers 3-way protection for your exterior wood. Protection from water damage, UV radiation, and Mold. Sikkens SRD penetrates deep into the wood and does not film .【Get Price】

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200 sq ft: For small areas such as railings, shakes, shingles and wood patio furniture. Medium Room Medium Home Medium . Behr Process Corporation cannot guarantee that you will achieve proper results without verifying your measurements and Never miss .【Get Price】

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ok, you want an answer to plug in to your formula? Ok, it takes me about 5 seconds to roll a sq ft, but then sometimes longer on different surfaces. Other factors include (but are not limited to): relative humidity, whether or not we had enough coffee, what the .【Get Price】